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 Too often, our neighbors and loved ones are left behind by inaction, inequity, or injustice in our country. 

As a community leader, pastor, and veteran, I know the issues we face, and I know how to work together to fix them.


I understand the challenge of restoring your trust in Congress, so that we can plan a new path forward as we rebuild our country. I am inspired that we came together as a community of all people, to take care of and protect one another during the pandemic. But there is much more work to be done for our citizens.


As we continue to recover, it is imperative that we have leaders who are PRESENT in our communities, so they can learn what help is needed to build back better than ever before!


No elected official should be able to legislate on behalf of their constituents, without proving their presence in the district, or without fostering their trust with residents and local business owners.


No elected official should keep the US involved in expensive, endless wars. We must choose diplomacy over costly or deadly fights. I will invest in our people, not expensive wars.


We are communities built on acceptance, persistence, and hard work. Our communities are forward thinking, and we are always willing to put in the hard work to better ourselves, and most importantly each other.


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