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Congressman candidate Yan Xiong receives support from Brooklyn Democratic 国会议员参选人熊焱获纽约布鲁克林民主党领袖支持

Congressman candidate Yan Xiong receives support from Brooklyn Democratic Party leader

On December 14th, Congressman candidate Yan Xiong received a warm welcome at the 75th birthday party of Frank R. Seddio, the leader of the Democratic Party in Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Yan Xiong said he was very pleased to be invited to the party, which was the first time since he retired from the military in September of this year that he had met with a number of local Democratic Party leaders.

During the event, when they learned that Dr. Amazing Xiong was running for federal congress, they were very happy and all expressed their full support and hope to be successfully elected.

It is reported that Yan Xiong has lived in the U.S. for 29 years, retired military chaplain for the U.S. Army and served his country for 27 years, the vast majority of the time he lived in the military and mingled with various ethnic groups in the United States.

Frank Seddio is an American politician and attorney who served as a member of the New York State Assembly representing southeastern Brooklyn from 1999 to 2005 and as an acting court judge in Kings County from 2006 to 2007.


12月14日,国会议员参选人熊焱受邀出席纽约布鲁克林民主党领袖法兰克(Frank R. Seddio )75岁生日派对,受到热烈欢迎。





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